Neesh Pocket Perfume- Review

Hey everyone!

I am back with another review and today I am going to review Neesh Pocket perfumes. So who doesn’t like to smell nice. I personally can’t go without perfumes. You won’t believe that I apply perfume before going to bed :p I always carry one perfume with me but usually their packaging is so bulky which gives extra weight to my purse :/ . Then I came across Neesh attar base perfumes. It’s unique packaging  caught my attention :).

NEESH  is proud to introduce itself as a component company with a wide range of fragrance products. Their products are used extensively in the cosmetics industry. Neesh ensures the use of natural and fresh ingredients so that we can  offer the customer a delightful and aromatic experience through their products. They believe fragrance is life enhancing and their solitary focus is on creating special and incomparable fragrances in exceptional products.

Neesh has a collection of 12 perfumes, 6 for men and 6 for women. They all have unique packaging with unique names.

You can buy them from neesh website or from flipkart, amazon, ebay and snapdeal.

Let’s see what all I like about Neesh perfumes.


INR 340 for 20ml



Its packaging reminds me of Taj Mahal because of its mughal kind of architecture print.



  • Top Note:            Indian Saffron, Tea Rose
  • Middle Note:      Castoreum
  • Base Note:          Agarwood , Amber

Oud E Khaas:


  • Top Note:            Sharp Sweet Wood with Indian Saffron Note
  • Middle Note:      Agarwood, Patchouly
  • Base Note:          Agarwood, Musk

Belle D Oud:


  • Top Note:            Honey, Berry, Iran Saffron
  • Middle Note:      Indian Rose, Exotic Prune
  • Base Note:          Musk, Gark Amber


  • They are pocket friendly.
  • They contain very high quality fragrances
  • Lasts for good 8 hours after that it starts fading but the fragrance will be there for 12 hours.
  • Travel friendly, it easily fits in every pocket.
  • Made of natural and fresh ingredients.


  • None



Final Conclusion

Neesh has a nice collection of 12 perfumes. They are long-lasting and travel friendly. You should give it a try. I am gonna try other fragrances from their collection as well.

To watch full review click on below link.

Disclaimer: These products were sent by brand for the review purpose.

Hope you like it, let me know in comments.

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